Mukesh Mishra

Electronics & Communication Engineer

Nature Photographer

" If you are interested in PHOTOGRAPHY where you want to explore a different peculiar domain Then it's the place where we can learn and nurtured yourself with new extravaganza."

Mukesh Mishra is Self taught Wildlife Photographer, who loves Nature and highly passionate about it. A Software Engineer by Profession. His “Love of Photography “ started at the age of 19, He drew inspiration from one of his faculty members who capture beautiful pictures of nature and birds which intrigued him to try Photography. He believes, photography is a powerful tool that evokes a sense of awareness, joy and compassion at the same time, and loves to present the nuances of his images in the form of storytelling. All through these years he have grown through all the challenges, turns and twists. Was a beautiful short adventure is all he can say.

Well that's his little story.

Would love to hear yours too ...